Pinch, Punch, First of the Month

August has arrived!

I thought I’d be wise, type august in to google to get some random facts about the month, turns out august can actually be used as an adjective to mean ‘respected and impressive’. That’s today’s English lesson concluded!

The other day I had to pay a family member a visit and inform her of news nobody ever wants to hear… her mother had passed away back home in Nigeria and she was here, living alone. After the breakdown, the tears and the realisation of what had come to pass it had me thinking; the times we spend with our loved ones to create happy memories are the things that will comfort them when we are gone. The question is; why do we then slave away, hours in to the night at work making money thinking about their future over cutting down the hours and spending time with them to build the memories that will support them. I am sure there are plenty of points for and against and we will certainly have time to explore them but for today, we are focusing on new beginnings.

It is the 1st of August and I can almost guarantee all your New Year Resolutions died a long time ago. For the few of you with the will power and determination, still ploughing on; you are the real MVP!. Your get slim for summer, your develop a business plan, your go vegan, your read 1 book a week, have all probably come a stop.

For some reason we love starting things on either the beginning of the week, the beginning of the month or the beginning of the year. August has brought you a gift. The 1st of August has landed on the first day of the week and so, use this gift to get back in to the swing of things get your fire back, do your 5k morning runs, plan your trip abroad, pick up the pen and make a start on that book, blog or poem. 

Let’s take this blog as a wake up call, a small pinch, and a firm punch to get you back on your path of greatness. Don’t forget to make time for your loved ones!

Have a fantastic week and an even greater month!