Give a little

“Charity Begins at Home”


They say charity begins at home. I have always wondered what sort of conversation gave birth to such statement. Could it be a young man or young lady somewhere some time in history made a fortune and decided to donate it to charity? Family members were offended, got jealous and sought the power of words to persuade the millionaire to give it to them. Who knows, and quite frankly, who really cares? One thing I do know though is that charity cleans the soul.

I began my journey in to giving at age 7. My mother and I visited a McDonald’s in London bridge and came across and young man asking for money. Without a second thought, I reached in to my pocket, pulled out my shiny 20 pence coin and surrendered my sherbet intended pocket money to the man.

Uncomfortable with what I had just witnessed I turned to my mother, as you do, and asked her why he was sat there asking strangers for money. I was honestly confused as to how someone can be abandoned to the degree of them having to beg for money. My mother explained to me that unfortunately, not everyone has the support system I have been blessed with and that I should be thankful. Unsatisfied and still confused by the response I made a subconscious promise to help the homeless in the future when I become a millionaire, because obviously it was easy to become a millionaire.

Years of daydreaming of hotels for the homeless and free cash machines later, after a very tough academic year I came across a homeless man in Elephant & Castle. He paid me back the 20 pence I had invested years ago with words. ‘Its not the end of the world; we all have dark times and downs in our lives and its up to you to pick your head up and keep going. I am here homeless today but I know it wont be my end, I am going to get back on my feet, so can you’

I don’t even know the man and he just gave me charity of words. The gift of motivation, the spiritual and emotional upliftment (if that is even a word) I needed at that exact moment in time. A homeless man, gave me charity, whilst I had a home and food to go to. Charity isn’t about how much you give, its about the intention behind your giving, genuine and sincere giving of whatever you can through actions, words or finance.

As a man it is important we find our own personalised way to motivate the ones we love. A strong support system is needed by everyone and a helping hand is always appreciated. Take the time to give your lady a little pep talk on a Monday morning as she dreads going to work, your son the promise of Ice cream if he gets a gold star at school, or get your mother a new set of pots and pan so she's motivated to organisae that family dinner she's been on about for weeks. 

The return on investment you get from doing a little is beautiful and unmeasurable. Imagine a  world where we all did our little bit to help, support and encourage those around us. Give it a shot today.

Motivate your loved ones.

Inspire your loved ones.

Support your loved one.


Charity Does begin at home.


-       Rasheed Ige