The Keys To Success

We all want to be successful in one way or another. There is no one way to do anything in order to achieve everything. Society nowadays has everyone seeking that quick fix, whether it is to look a certain way for the summer holidays, or to be able to flaunt money like we see people who have “made it” on our televisions and social media platforms. Remember we are all unique, different, our own individuals, and with that said there is no way to measure an individual’s success and worth to another’s. The reason for saying that, is because we all value things differently, and what is valued as success to one person is their own success, who can say they are not successful? Although there are two key traits to being successful, change and failing.

Being successful requires us to change, but not with others and looking at their value compared to ourselves. It is the ability to change ourselves. This is our greatest competition, this is the ability to prioritize, focus and do what needs to be done, not what we feel like doing. It is easy to get complacent or comfortable, that is human nature, not wanting to change our ways because we enjoy what we have and like where we are in life. Although some of us might be in this state of mind and think if we keep doing what we are doing already we will achieve something more. Do you believe that is the case? Does doing the same thing over and over achieve a different result? You would need to change something in order to change the outcome, hence why we should strive to compete with ourselves, reflect upon yesterday at the end of the day, and wake up tomorrow ready to make the changes to improve on yesterday to make today greater than yesterday. Change is not easy, and comes to our second trait.

Failing is a fundamental attribute to success, you could take the time to google any successful person you can think of, and will find a legacy of failure underneath their name. These are the untold stories of the hard work required to be put into success. If we do not take the time to change and try new things with no guarantee of it working we take that risk of failing. Majority of the time it probably will not work, but when it does, that achievement, that success is even more sweet and fruitful than what it would be if we achieved it the first time around. This makes successful people resilient, as you overcome setbacks, hurdles and challenges in achieving what you want.

Success is like the growth of a tree. It starts with a seed in the ground, provided the right environment the seed grows, extending its roots out into the soil and feeding itself. Eventually sprouting out into the world as a small plant in the world of giant towering trees. Although everyday this seed grows up, grows left, grows right, perhaps even down. Working towards the sun, there is no certainty that the directions the plant is growing in will get it to the sun, but as it continues it grows bigger and stronger, eventually reaching the heights of the giants around it. Although make note, it started by growing in every direction, trying every potential avenue of getting some sunlight, before it started to develop and become a giant amongst giants. Do not let up, the top is always achievable, just make sure you are willing to put in the work and take the risks, and you will be as successful as you want to be.

- Alexander Kharadi