The Journey Begins...

The Eligible Bachelor (Introduction)


Eligible: having the right to do or obtain something; satisfying the appropriate conditions.

Bachelor: a man who is not and has never been married.

Eligible Bachelor: (of a person) desirable or suitable as a partner in marriage.




Welcome to The Eligible Bachelor. As many women in the 21st century will tell you chivalry appears to have died a little while ago and the art of gentlemanliness is gifted to only a few. Many men aren't able to demonstrate their affection or thoughtful actions due to the social construct of 2016. We give less because we receive less; but this should not be the case.

We are creating a platform for men to unite, to channel their inner gentleman to educate the younger men on how to act, speak and dress like gentlemen. We most certainly do not have all the answers, thus we need your support to make this group impactful, educational and beneficial.

We are the men willing to revive chivalry, willing to demonstrate gentlemanliness and willing to raise a generation of young men who respect themselves, women, children and the elderly.

We are, 'The Bach' welcome to; The Eligible Bachelor.