How to make Valentine’s Day special for your lady

(In order to get the best out of this post we outsourced it to an amazing female blogger Tinuke Olatun, to give us an insight to how we can make valentines day that much more special.)

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching I thought I would do a post in regards to this special day and also to help you lads out, because let’s face it, some of you are kind of useless in the planning department.

I’m sure a lot of people don’t get the whole hype over Valentine’s Day, but in all honesty many guys (not all) tend to make all the effort in the beginning of the relationship and gradually stop as the relationship progresses, so I do believe this day should be a reminder of how sweet you can be.

So first things first, kick the day off with breakfast in bed, this will set the mood for the day ahead. I suggest you give her a card to accompany the breakfast. I know the majority of guys hate cards and writing the soppy messages inside, but guess what, women love it. I highly recommend that you write a nice message from the heart inside. I know most guys find all this kind of stuff cringe but your woman will love it.

I hear so many guys say "what’s the point of buying flowers, they’re going to die anyway" whilst this is a 100 percent true many woman love this gesture. Especially if you are not usually a flower giving guy, switch it up for this particular day. Roses are the most obvious choice and the flowers most associated with the 14th February, but maybe get her different colour roses to change it from the norm.

In regards to making this day special for your other half, the first thing to remember is to think outside the box. Do something different, of course going to a nice restaurant and wining and dining her is great, but what makes that different from every other date night you have.

However, if you do take her to a restaurant make sure it’s a place that serves the food she loves or maybe even a place you both went to at the start of your relationship, she will be excited about reliving old memories and the fact that this idea came to mind.

Moreover, if you want to have her smiling from ear to ear, why not switch it up and bring the restaurant to her. You don’t need to leave the house, make her a three course meal and have a nice romantic night in. I’m talking candles on the table to set the mood, the music in background. She will love and appreciate the effort you made, men need to realise that us females love and appreciate the thought that goes into a gesture.

There are other special dates you can plan for your woman to make her day special. Two date ideas that come to my mind and the ones I would personally recommend would be a couple’s massage or a 1 or 2 night break away.

A couples massage is a great idea, you both get to bond and relax at the same time so it is a win win, come on who doesn’t love a massage. This can be followed by a nice lunch or dinner where you can exchange gifts and so on.

A nice get away is a nice Valentine’s Day surprise and I am not saying you need to break the bank and fly abroad. If you have the funds go ahead but I am simply suggesting a change of scenery. A hotel stays for 2 nights where you both just enjoy each other’s company with no disturbance. A nice meal and drinks at the hotel’s restaurant will top off the stay. I am telling you planning something like this does wonders.

Lastly I just wanted to touch on the topics of gifts briefly. Every female, well most, love diamonds and all things sparkly but we don’t expect you to spend your whole pay check on one day. It’s genuinely the thought that goes in and not the price. You can buy the most expensive gift in the world but if it has no significance it is just another gift. You should be listening out for ideas, things your partner is always talking about during the duration of your relationship and surprise her with that. She will love the fact that you have been paying attention to her. I am not going to write a list of gifts I recommend because you and only you know what your woman wants and likes. I can write a list but in all honesty, I might not like what your woman likes we are all different.

Anyway hope this was at least a bit insightful. Guys make sure you go that extra mile for your women on the 14th February. Show her you put time and effort in to ensure her day is special. Turn your phone off to avoid any distractions, I’m sure your WhatsApp messages and emails can wait. She needs to be your main focus; it is only for one day after all.

-Written By:  Tinuke Olatun

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